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I once read that the “About Us” page on websites are so generic, so corporate and so faceless that nobody really bothers to find out “About Them” any more. At the time of reading that, EcoForecourt wasn’t even a conception, but I always thought, when I presumably run a website one day i’d make the most kick ass “About Us” page out there! 

Well here I am, actually writing our page, and the theme for our About Us section has changed a little, from kick ass, to simply ‘human’. Oh and the title is less generic too just to entice you in! 

My name is James Walker, and this is quite a moment for me. what you are reading now was written at exactly ten past one in the morning of May 20th 2010, I am listening to ‘Somewhere In Between’ by Lifehouse and so far I have been working on Eco Forecourt solidly for around 4 months now, and one day i’ll hopefully look back and think “Wow, all those late nights actually paid off”! 

I am simply a guy who loves cars. I grew up with them, all of my family have always been car mad, my friends too, even more so these days, and my uncle Chris is actually a certified Aston Martin specialist (Chris Shenton Engineering, you know, just in case you need the old Aston sprucing up!) so there really is no getting away from it!

This might strike you as a little ‘too’ into cars but a friend and I have this game we play on occasion where we say “Ok, if you had £X amount of money right now, what 3 cars would you consider buying” We then proceed to Piston Heads (I’m not afraid of plugging them here, they gave us hours of fun plus they only sell gas guzzlers) and we would each find the best 3 cars we could at that price to whittle them down to one overall winner. 

Did I just announce that? It’s honestly more fun than it sounds!

I came about setting up Eco Forecourt because of these influences, my subscription to just about every car publication in the country, and my undying need to run my own website as I have always had a thing for technology and computers (I’m a bit of a Mac addict)

After years of reading in depth reviews, test drives and technical information and sitting through countless episodes of Fifth Gear and Top Gear (including the re-runs on Dave) I started seeing a pattern emerging in all of the news. Eco credentials and the crackdown on C02 emissions. This was years ago, and I didn't really click then that it was going to become such an integral part of motoring in the future. 

I can’t say I have ever had a eureka moment in my life but if ever there was one it was the day I decided there was going to be a need for a website that specializes in these emerging eco and green cars and that i’d be the guy to do it!

So, here I am, writing our Eco Origins page, hoping you will give it longer than the 2 second industry average, and this is my opportunity to thank you really. Thank you for coming to Eco Forecourt and Thank You for reading our story. 

 Now it’s time for us to offer you everything we feature on the site. The main thing on Eco Forecourt is the buying and selling of eco cars. We promise to make it as easy and helpful as possible for you to buy or sell an eco friendly, green car, that suits you best.

But we aren't just saying this, we are the first website of our kind with a C02 Filter, and because of this clever little devise we promise you will not find a car with a C02 rating above 130g/km, meaning the maximum amount of road tax you will ever pay by finding a car on EcoForecourt is £90. All of our cars fit into A B C & D emission bands only, meaning they are all categorically classed as green, eco friendly vehicles, that are more beneficial to the environment and your wallet! 

Due to our strict emissions policy, many of our cars have ZERO road tax too, super low emissions and even low or no congestion charges for those of you who live in and around London :)

We also have constantly updated news pages, we are always being updated by industry insiders as to the latest goings on in the eco car world, this is being updated every day on the very best eco car news and reviews. 

We love to chat too! So take a browse around our social pages. You can find us on Facebook, leave us a mini message on our twitter page and check out what we are up to on our company blog to get to know us better.

At Eco Forecourt you are dealing with real people, we don't assign a job number to you here, we like to use your first name and you will always get ours too, that's just the way we are. There are no call centres and we never pass you onto the "expert" who then passes you onto another "expert" just to answer your question. We are all under one roof and are all here to help each other out. That's why you can email any question you like to any email address you have for us and we will always get back to you. Departments are so overrated you know?!

Thanks for stopping by and if you ever want to contact us, just to say hello or even play a game of “Ok you’ve got £X...”, thats cool too! 

Please feel free to email me personally here: James@EcoForecourt.co.uk I look forward to hearing from you.

Go well.


James Walker

Founder & Car addict