Road Tax Costs

A quick update on saving you road tax costs

Road tax is unfortunately a compulsory expense of driving. Before the first of March 2001 cars were charged by their engine size, today however, cars registered after this date fall victim to charges based on a vehicles C02 emissions. So, to give you a quick idea, cars emitting less than 100g/km of C02 (take a VW Golf BlueMotion for example) are in-fact free of road tax, and vehicles that release less than 120g/km (the likes of a Volvo C30 1.6d for example) pay only a very small fee of £35 per year. However, as decided by the government, a car emitting over 255g/km of C02 (Audi R8) belongs in emission band M which results in the owner of that smoke pipe paying up to £400.00 per year! This is just one area where the benefits of an eco car are demonstrated.

Here are the governments emissions rates as of 2009/2010

2009/2010 Standard Rates

New ‘First Year’ Rates - Another Very Good Reason To Go Eco...

We also need to tell you this. As of April 1st 2010, buying a new car will result in people paying a different rate of vehicle tax for the first tax year. These are aptly referred to as "first year rates". This, for now at least, will only apply to the first year of a new cars registration, so the second tax disc will only be relatively extortionate ongoing. 
The government have said this is an effort to “send a stronger signal to the buyer about the environmental implications of their car purchase” So you could be thinking twice about that conventional car you might be looking at?

Here is another table just to show you how the new ‘First Year’ tax rates are applied to new cars purchased as of April 1st 2010 - as you can see a swift £950 for heavy gas guzzlers sucks!

 C02 Emissions Table 2