Fleet Drivers Should be rewarded for Going Green

28 June 2010 at 13:56

The best way to cut back on a business’s carbon footprint is to reward eco-friendly driving with bonuses and gifts.
That’s according to Andrew Yeoman, Managing Director of Trimble MRM Europe – leading experts in telematics and in-vehicle technology.
Yeoman says companies must step up their efforts to reduce their fleet’s carbon footprints and while there’s technology available to help monitor fuel consumption, it inevitably comes down to the way a vehicle is driven.
“Fleets are becoming increasingly efficient but the biggest task still remains – to make them more environmentally friendly,” says Yeoman.
“Current technology including Trimble’s TVG660 – or ‘Driver DNA’ as it has been nicknamed – can monitor a vehicle’s fuel consumption, mpg and CO2 output in real time. This kind of technology is leading the way in monitoring a fleet’s carbon footprint but part of the responsibility still lies with the drivers.
With a range of penalties now in place for driving particularly fuel-hungry vehicles or even in certain urban areas, it is becoming a punitive rather than rewarding system for going green.
“If drivers are going to make their contribution, incentives can be an option – although many want to drive greener, it can drop down the priority list as the day goes on. If companies start rewarding their drivers for eco-friendly behaviour an improvement can undoubtedly be seen.”
One litre of fuel produces more than 2.5kg of CO2. In a large fleet of 25,000 vehicles that totals 63 tonnes of CO2 per litre of fuel.
The Government’s ‘Act on CO2’ campaign offers tips to drivers on how to reduce their carbon footprint when out on the road and tame those with heavy feet. But Yeoman says also offering rewards for using these driving skills may see the biggest benefit.
“The campaign lists driving at an appropriate speed, accelerating and braking smoothly, changing gears at low revs and avoiding use of air conditioning as key tips. These are all simple driving skills and using technology can make it ever easier for companies to monitor who deserves a reward.
“It is very important that companies and individuals take responsibility for the green credentials of their fleet. Using carrot rather than stick methods will certainly help with this and start embedding eco-friendly behaviour into fleets in the long term.”


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"We have to look toward what we have now, and yes, lots of things forestalled the opportunity to open earlier, but we are here with the soft opening and that means progress." Nationwide, libraries in almost every state have been affected by budget cuts, staff reductions and limited resources, Bough said. "Some of them even have closed their doors," she said. The fact that the V.I. government is investing in a new library, even in such a troubled economy, is a good sign, Bough said. "It's an investment in libraries, and libraries are an investment in education and lifelong learning," she said. "It's not only a government investment but a community investment." The general reading room will have fiction, non-fiction and reference materials, along with rentals of educational DVDs. Soon, the reading room also will have magazines and periodicals, Bough said. In the very near future, the library's computer center will open. The library will be one of the territory's 30 public computer centers, set up with federal stimulus funds by the V.I. Next Generation Network. Bough said the center will have five personal computers, five laptop computers and five Apple computers. "Things will be coming online very quickly," Bough said. As part of the new library's opening, the inventory from the Enid Baa Library has been transferred to the new location, and a large amount of new books have been ordered to fill the shelves. "We order books from a variety of public library vendors, so we have quite a vast array," Bough said. In addition to best-sellers and old standards, the library holds a number of books by local and regional authors. One of the reasons for the delayed opening was a staff shortage, but that problem is being addressed. "We have had the opportunity to interview for new personnel, and some have already reported for duty," Bough said. The interviews are continuing, and more staff will be hired in short order, she said. Another reason the library is only opening with limited hours and services, is that the roof must be replaced. The roof will be replaced at no cost to the Virgin Islands government, according to public officials. Originally, the library was to open as soon as all materials were transferred from the Enid Baa Library in downtown Charlotte Amalie, which closed in mid-December. What was to be a few weeks without library services on St. Thomas turned into months, as a number of maintenance issues delayed the staff's ability to catalog and shelve materials. In April, a valve supplying the air-conditioning units malfunctioned, dripping water into a mechanical room and sending staff home for five days because of intolerably high temperatures. That malfunction led to citations during an Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspection. Those issues have been resolved. During the soft opening of the new library, work will continue on the facility to prepare it for a full grand opening later in the year. Those features include a photovoltaic, or solar, panel system; landscaping; entryway signage; and additional accessibility features, including sensors to make doors http://www.agoshow.net/Phillies-6-Ryan-Howard-Road-Cool-Base-Grey-2010-All-Star-Jerseys-80/ - Phillies 6 Ryan Howard Road Cool Base Grey 2010 All Star Jerseys open automatically. Bough said anyone can come get a library card, free of charge. A temporary card can be issued for 30 days, or a person can apply for a permanent card. The application for a library card can be found online at www.virginislandspubliclibraries.org, or an application can be filled out at the library. To apply for a card, bring a government issued ID, proof of residence - such as a phone or utility bill - and provide a reference, someone who can verify that you are who you say you are, Bough said. Those with a library card from Baa Library are already in the database and do not need to apply for http://www.agoshow.net/Brewers-1-Hart-blue-2010-All-Star-Jerseys-31/ - Brewers 1 Hart blue 2010 All Star Jerseys a new card to check-out books. Bough said she hopes people come visit the new facility. "I think everyone will be very pleased in terms of what we have and the potential of what it will be," Bough said. - Contact reporter Aldeth Lewin at 714-9111 or email alewin@dailynews.vi.

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